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Certifications and Approvals by Product
Military Spec.
인증서 사본
▶ Military Spec
Seals porosities in weld and hairline, cracks in castings. Capillary action lock preassembled fastener. 70-14 MIL-S-46163A Type III Grade R
MIL-S-22473E Letter Grade AA
Threadlocking Medium strengthNuts or bolts ¼" diameter or larger. Remove with normal tools. 54-03 MIL-S-46163A Type II Grade N
MIL-S-22473E Letter Grade CVV
Threadlocking Low strengthLocking fastener smallest than ¼" diameter, Remove with normal tools 24-18 MIL-S-46163A Type II Grade M
Threadlocking High strength large gaps/diameter Controlled torque, lock studs and bolts against severe vibration and shock resistant, remove using heat or special tools. 55-04 MIL-S-46163A Type II Grade O
MIL-S-22473E Letter Grade AVV
Threadlocking High strengthFasteners up to 1" diameter 83-55 MIL-S-43163A Type I Grade K
Threadlocking High strength high ViscosityFasteners over 1" diameter
86-53 MIL-S-46163A Type I Grade L
MIL-S-22473E Letter Grade AVV
Retaining High strength delayed setting for Spindle bearing, lip seals bearing races 82-13 MIL-R-46082B Type I
Retaining Very High strength Retains gears, wheel, pulleys, cam, flywheels, rotor to shaft 83-80 MIL-R-46082B Type III
Retaining High strength high temp. delayed setting. Retains rotor to shafts, bearing and sleeves 83-31 MIL-R-46082B Type II
CA low viscosity general purpose Istant 23 MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 1
CA Low-Medium viscosity for rubber components Istant 34 MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 2
CA High viscosity for gap filling Istant 27 MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 3
CA capillary grade lowest viscosity best suited for pre-assembled metal components Istant 10 MIL-A-46050C Type I Class 1
CA Medium viscosity with high strength, metal surfaces Istant 14 MIL-A-46050C Type I Class 2
CA High viscosity for metal, large gaps Istant 17 MIL-A-46050C Type I Class 3
CA Low viscosity for difficult to bond rubber compounds Istant 32 MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 1
CA Medium viscosity for general purpose Istant 43 MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 2
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